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The Chosen Woman

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  • There are NO in-class meetings next week. We'll be having conferences in my office in FAB.




The Chosen Woman and the Choosing


Group 15 Tatar


“The Princess and the Pea.”  

  • Who wrote this fairy tale?
  • Where was it published? 


“Vasilisa the Fair.”

  • Who wrote this fairy tale?
  • Where was it published? 


Discussion Questions: 

  • How do these fairy tales construct gender? 
  • How is gender being constructed in relation to CHOICE.
    • Who chooses?
      • Does gender play a role?
    • What is being chosen?
    • Why are choices being made? 
  • How is CHOOSING a significant part of the fairy tale genre? WHY do you think choosing is such an important trope? 




Let's Get Visual


Baba Yaga and the Female Body: Heroine, Hero, and Decorative Motif 

These are the illustrations drawn by Ivan Bilibin for the Baba Yaga tale we read:



(Mortar and Pestal)



  • How do these images construct a material and cultural gender hierarchy? How do they disrupt it?
  • How do these illustrations depicted the gendered body? The transgendered body?
  • Do the illustrations create gendered meaning that is distinct from the literary tale?
  • Consider the frames? How is the gendered body reduced to a decorative motif? What is the significance of this?  




Around the Bend:


Remember, there are NO IN-CLASS MEETINGS NEXT WEEK. I will be holding conferences in my office (in FAB). Use the time to work in the library (or at your own leisure) on your final papers and presentations. 



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