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Beastly Bridegrooms and Enchanted Spouses

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Beastly Bridegrooms and Enchanted Spouses: ATU 425 tales


Group Project:

Define the literary FAIRY TALE based upon our readings so far.

  • What are it's characteristics?
  • What is its function (aesthetically, culturally...)?
  • How is it different from other fiction?
  • How is it different from mythology/fable?


Discussion Questions:

  1. How do we position the ATU 425 tales within these definitions of the fairy tale?
  2. How does the ATU 425 function?
  3. How has the ATU 425 tale evolved?
    1. Do these evolutions push the boundaries of the fairy tale genre?
    2. What does this say about the genre of fairy tales?
      1. Is if flexible?
      2. Do fairy tale adaptations in different media have the same effect? The same function?



Historical Context for the Fairy Tale:



Timeline of Modern European History


Map of European People Groups (ca. 900)


Map of Europe (ca. 1690 - Amsterdam Atlas)



Storming of the Bastille (1789)





German Revolution of March 1848 (Spring of Nations)


European Map (ca. 1990)\




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