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Welcome to FRE 2991/GER 2991 Writing Wonder: Understanding Fairy Tales and Society 


This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary context of major French and German fairy tales. The literary fairy tale developed as a specific genre in the eighteenth and nineteenth century in France and Germany. This course explores the evolution of fairy tales, emphasizing the transformation this literary genre into various media. Positioning specific fairy tales in their linguistic, national, and sociocultural context will allow students to map both the evolution and cultural impact of these narratives. Fairy tales will be paired with major fairy tale theories, introducing students to different veins of critical thought about these texts.   


Fairy tales are arguably one of the most powerful literary genres in the Western world. These stories have been slighted and dismissed as silly and childish narratives, but they continue to intrigue scholars, drive billion-dollar industries, and shape our dearest hopes and expectations! I look forward to the chance to explore this powerful genre in all its various manifestations.    


Course Goals:

  • This course will provide students introduce students to the interdisciplinary context of French and German fairy tales.
  • This course will allow students to contextualize specific fairy tales in their sociocultural moment and map the evolution of these tales in a variety of media.
  • This course will introduce students to major fairy tale theories, including those by Zipes, Tatar, L├╝thi, Hearne, and Bottingheimer.  
  • This course will help students hone their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.


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